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Cod. ACLC-ADA-35-225

- Colore: Black

LC-ADA-35-225 - Hard disk drive adapter


Technical overview

Dimensions (h x w x d) 25 x 101 x 122 mm
Weight (retail) 0,073 kg
Weight (adapter) 0,039 kg
Material plastic
Barcode 4260070123313
Manufacturer code LC-ADA-35-225




Drive bay adapter for hard disk drive or SSD: 3.5" to 2x 2.5" (8,89 cm auf 2x 6,35 cm)

By using the adapter it is possible to mount up to two 2.5" /6,35 cm hard disk drives into the 
3.5" /8,89 cm drive bay. 

Thanks to the drive bay adapter, you can mount 2.5" /6,35 cm and SSD hard disk drives into 
computer cases which do not offer a native 2.5" /6,35 cm drive bay.

Included in delivery:        
drive bay adapter, mounting material (HDD and case screws)

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